Prescription Eyeglasses

When it comes to the process of finding the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses, there is often one thing that’s overlooked: sun protection. While many may feel that they have to sacrifice this important aspect of eye health maintenance in the interest of being able to see clearly, this isn’t quite the case.You can have both!

With prescription sunglasses, you can get the stylish sunglasses that you’ve been dreaming of without sacrificing your ability to see. This style of prescription glasses offers both UV protection and clearer vision in one, allowing you to wear your favorite fashionable shades and maintain perfect sight in any type of weather.

Sun Protection

At Azimuth, we have made it our mission to create a versatile sunglasses collection that is filled with fashion-forward eyewear and trendsetting shades, offering a wide variety of frame and lens options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for trendy sunglass designs or polarized sunglasses with fashionable lens options, we have the perfect pair (or even two!) for you in our extensive collection of fully customizable styles.

Interested in learning more about the amazing sunglasses for men and women that Azimuth has to offer? Keep reading to explore our collections, the wide variety of amazing lens options we provide, and our customizable features


Meet Our Sunglasses Collection

At Azimuth, our mission is to create luxury eyewear that is both stylish and affordable, offering full customization to ensure a perfect fit for each individual. That’s why we have expanded our collections to include a line of NYC-designed frames equipped with UV protection and sunglasses featuring a variety of lens options. We firmly believe that every person deserves clear vision, whether indoors or when exploring the great outdoors.

Here are our collections of prescription and non-prescription UV-blocking sunglasses:

  • The Tortoise Sola Sunglasses

    A classic tortoiseshell pattern with subtle visual texture.

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  • The Moss Sola Sunglasses

    A new interpretation of ‘neutral’ green with a subtle opacity.

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  • The Ebony Sola Sunglasses

    Timeless black in clean, hand-polished acetate.

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  • Stylish Round Acetate Sunglasses

    The Essex Round Sunglasses

    A limited-edition design with a striking champagne color.

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  • Black round sunglasses side view

    The Lawrence Round Sunglasses

    A classic black hue with carefully coordinated lenses.

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  • The Terry Round Sunglasses

    A playful tortoiseshell color with unlimited appeal.

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The Prescription Eyeglass Frames Collection

If the Sola Collection and the 1932 Collection do not offer the right pair of stylish shades with UV protection for you, we have great news: any of our amazing prescription eyeglass frames can be adapted to become the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses! Simply select your favorite frames and choose the ‘Polarized Sunglasses Lens’ option during customization. Alternatively, you can also opt for photochromic lenses, which are transitional lenses that adjust to changes in light, transforming into sunglasses when exposed to sunlight. We will provide more detailed  information about both of these options later.

Meet Our Lenses

  • Premium Zeiss Tinted Lenses

    Each pair in our fashionable sunglass collection comes pre-fitted with non-prescription premium Zeiss tinted UV lenses, providing unmatched UV protection. These lenses feature a subtle tint that will help keep your eyes protected from the harmful sun rays while you enjoy spending time outdoors.

    Premium Zeiss Tinted Lenses 
  • Polarized Lenses

    In addition to our Zeiss tinted lenses, we offer even more options for trendy eyewear with UV protection through our line of prescription lenses. Specifically, you can customize a unique pair of UV protection sunglasses with polarized lenses. These prescription lenses offer UV protection, anti-glare coatings, and exceptional visual clarity. Here are the current polarized lens options we offer:

    1. Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
      A standard among our variety of polarized lenses, these premium lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays and 99% protection against glare. This option is available in both Single Vision and Progressive lenses.

    2. 1.67 High-Index Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
      These advanced lens options combine our signature UV protection lenses with a thinner and lighter construction that is ideal for prescriptions SPH +/- 4.0 or higher. This lens option is offered for both Single Vision and Progressive lenses.
    Polarized Sunglasses Lenses 
  • Photochromic Lenses

    Perfect for individuals who prefer a single pair of glasses to wear both indoors and outdoors, photochromic lenses are responsive to light and actively adjust based on the surrounding lighting condition. These innovative lenses transition to match the lighting around you, turning dark when outdoors and clear when indoors. Here are our photochromic lens options:

    1. Photochromic Lenses
      Unique transitioning lenses that become clearer inside and darker outside, with a fast activation and fade back. This lens style is offered in both Single Vision and Progressive lens options.

    2. Photochromic 1.67 High-Index Lenses
      This style of transition lens is designed with a thinner and sleeker lens that is great for prescriptions SPH +/- 4.0 or higher. It’s offered in both Single Vision and Progressive lens options.

Virtual Try-On

Still unsure about which pair of sunglasses or prescription eyeglass frames to choose? We’re here to assist you. At Azimuth, we understand the challenges that can arise when shopping online and not being able to physically try on the products. To address this, we have created our innovative virtual try-on tool which allows you to see what any given pair of glasses will actually look like on you. The process is simple: take a selfie, upload it to our system, select the pair(s) you’d like to try on (as many as you’d want!) and find your perfect match.With our money-back guarantee, you can confidently purchase the perfect pair of stylish sunglasses.

Shop Well, Do Good

In addition to providing you with an amazing pair of customized sunglasses with UV protection, we are proud that all net proceeds of Azimuth purchases go to our parent organization, New Eyes, providing free, new eyeglasses to those in need in the U.S . By acquiring the perfect pair of fashionable sunglasses for yourself, you are also making a positive impact by granting people  in need the gift of vision.

Finding the perfect pair of UV protection sunglasses doesn’t have to be a challenge. By shopping online at Azimuth, you can find a great pair of trendy sunglasses frames and customize them to fit exactly what you need. From our best-selling Sola and1932 Collections to our amazing variety of prescription eyeglasses frames that can be customized with polarized lenses, we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for.