Find Your True North. Help Them Seek Theirs.

We all have our unique True North, the motivation that positively guides us as we travel along life’s path to our true self. We support your authentic inner self, your values, beliefs, and purpose. At Azimuth & New Eyes, our True North is transforming lives through clear vision. 


New Eyes’ founder, Julia Lawrence Terry, is the inspiration for our name, Azimuth. Julia, pictured navigating her family at sea, charted our mission’s course in 1932 by providing new eyeglasses to financially struggling individuals in the U.S. After your purchase, we will send you the first name, state and age of the individual who received new prescription eyeglasses thanks to you!

Donate to New Eyes

New Eyes is a nonprofit organization that provides free prescription eyeglasses to those in need. Since 1932, New Eyes has provided clear vision to over 10 million people in the United States and across the world. If you would prefer to make a charitable donation instead of an eyewear purchase, click the button below (link will open a new tab to an outside site for payment processing).