Azimuth by New Eyes

Find your True North. Help them seek theirs. 

In 1932, Julia Lawrence Terry (pictured) at 63 years old with purpose and heart established an organization to provide FREE eyeglasses to individuals experiencing financial challenges.

The Azimuth angle helps voyagers navigate their way utilizing the North Star as a constant. We all have this constant, a unique motivation that positively guides us as we travel along life’s path to our true self, our True North. Azimuth Eyewear supports the discovery of your True North – your authentic inner self that encompasses your values, your beliefs, and your purpose.  

When you purchase Azimuth’s ethical prescription glasses, New Eyes will provide new eyeglasses to two financially struggling individuals in the United States. 

Your Azimuth eyewear purchase makes a transformative and profound impact that lasts a lifetime. Those who can’t see well face fear, insecurity, and vulnerability, whether they are children, adults or seniors. Can a child see the blackboard or participate in recess? Can an adult fill out a job application or read a bus schedule? Can a senior be sure she’s taking the right medication? The ability to see clearly impacts every aspect of daily life. 

You change the course of their lives and reinforce yours with your purchase of charitable eyewear.

  • New Eyes is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free prescription eyeglasses to those in need. Since 1932, New Eyes has provided clear vision to over 10 million people in the United States and across the world. We educate the public about the need and benefit of providing clear vision to children and adults.

    In 2022, New Eyes created Azimuth, our line of premium ethical eyewear, to generate revenue in support of our mission. For every Azimuth eyewear purchase, we provide a pair of new eyeglasses to two low-income individuals in the United States. All proceeds from Azimuth by New Eyes eyewear sales ensure we can continue to provide free eyewear to those individuals in need for another 90 years. Learn more about New Eyes, our mission and the impact of clear vision by visiting the New Eyes website.

Your Purchase Changes Lives

We've asked our voucher recipients to tell us how clear vision has changed their lives. Here is what they sent back:

Your tax-deductible donation of $46 provides a pair of eyeglasses to a person in need. If you would like to transform a life by providing the gift of clear sight, please click the button below.


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