The Latest Eyeglass Trends for Men and Women

When it comes to selecting the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses, many of us naturally prioritize finding a great pair of designer frames. Considering that you’ll be wearing these frames day in and day out, it’s important to make sure that they match your sense of style and are flattering for your unique face shape.

One factor to consider when shopping for designer frames is to take into account the current fashion trends and styles for the upcoming year. And while some trends may come and go, there are a few standout options that we’ve determined are here to stay for the long run.

If you’re ready to expand your prescription eyeglasses collection and add a classic, trendy style or two for 2023, we’re here to help. Keep reading to discover a quick list of our favorite eyeglass trends for men and women for 2023 that we anticipate will be around for many years to come.

For Women: The Cool Colored Cat-Eye Glasses

No longer are cat-eye glasses considered ‘retro’ or outdated - they’re now one of the hottest eyeglass trends for women that we’re seeing in 2023. And rather than sticking to the tried and true simple black cat eye shape, we’re seeing an expansion into more colors and patterns in this new interpretation.

One of our favorite parts of this trend is the contemporary idea of fusing colors and patterns within the same set of frames. One such example of this trend can be found within our new Meridian Designer Cat-Eye and Square Glasses in Tortoise and Blue, which effortlessly combine classic tortoiseshell with a soft blue color for a truly unique appearance.

Another interpretation of the modern cat-eye frame involves the introduction of transparent acetate, such as completely clear or colored acetate frames, like in our Visionary Cat-Eye Glasses in Caramel. This style fuses the retro-inspiration of the classic cat-eye frame with a futuristic aesthetic for a striking appearance.

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For Men: The Stylish Square Glasses

While square prescription eyeglasses have always been in style for men, we’re seeing a new twist on this iconic aesthetic this season: the introduction of colors and patterns. No longer are standard black or gray eyeglasses what is considered the ‘norm’ for men’s glasses. Rather, we’re seeing an increase in popularity among men of wearing colored square frames and patterned square frames.

In the world of color, there’s a notable trend in bringing in premium-colored acetate to make a subtle yet sophisticated statement. One example of this trend can be found in our new Beacon Designer Square Sunglasses in Midnight Blue, which offers a bold take on a classic blue hue that includes a bit of transparency for a more contemporary feel.

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s a notable eyeglass trend for men that revolves around the introduction of patterned acetate, most particularly tortoiseshell. This premium patterned acetate pays homage to one of the original materials used to create eyeglasses with a lightweight feel and more durable wear. If you’re interested in adding a pair of tortoiseshell men’s square glasses to your collection, we’d recommend The Voyager Square Glasses in Tortoiseshell.

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For Both Men and Women: The Retro Round Eyeglasses

Another hot eyeglass trend for men and women in 2023 is the reintroduction of iconic round eyeglasses. This timeless style was first introduced when eyeglasses were initially invented and have weaved in and out of style since. For 2023, we’re seeing new iterations of these iconic designs with bright colors, mixed patterns, and other modern elements that bring this bold aesthetic into a new era of style.

The most statement-making iteration of the retro round eyeglass trend comes with the introduction of new colors and materials. Our new Horizon Designer Round Glasses in Forest Green is a great example of this trend, with a premium acetate construction and transparent and playful green color.

Another eye-catching interpretation of the retro round eyeglass trend is the combination of vibrant colors and bold patterns. This interpretation is ideal for the man or woman who sees their eyeglasses as an accessory and is determined to make a statement. Our iconic The Sage Round Eyeglasses in Yellow are a great option for capturing this statement-making trend, combining a bright yellow hue with iconic tortoiseshell arms for a spectacularly stylish appearance.

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When searching for the perfect pair of designer prescription eyeglasses, it’s always important to keep what’s in style and what fits your personal sense of style top of mind. After all, you’ll be wearing these eyeglasses day in and day out and want to make sure that they fit with the rest of your wardrobe.

For those interested in modern, trendy frames, we’d highly recommend exploring the cool cat-eye, stylish square, and retro round eyeglass styles to find the perfect pair to add to their personal collection.

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