Glasses Trends in 2023: Styles You Should Try

While prescription eyeglasses were once a dreaded necessity, we’ve witnessed a shift in the last decade towards the opposite direction. Instead of being thought of as a clunky must-have for clear vision, eyeglasses are now seen as fashionable accessories.

With this change in perspective on prescription eyeglasses, comes a new idea of eyeglass trends. Similar to fashion trends, glasses trends come and go, evolving with the years to better align with other modern styles. The new year of 2023 has introduced a new variety of on-trend eyeglass styles, from cool cat eye frames to eye-catching clear designs. Regardless of how you dress or what your personal sense of style is, there is bound to be a great pair of fashion-forward eyeglass frames to match.

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest eyeglass trends in 2023, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite styles that are fashion-forward and ready to wear for 2023 and beyond. Keep reading to find your perfect pair of trendy prescription eyeglasses.

The Cute Cat-Eye Glasses

A favorite style since its introduction in the 1940s, cat-eye glasses are here to stay. Cat eye glasses feature a rounded silhouette with a tapered edge that is designed to match the shape of a cat’s eye. Considered timeless with a retro inspiration, this style of trendy eyeglasses is a great option for anyone looking for an elevated yet playful accessory.

In 2023, we’re seeing a resurgence of brightly colored cat-eye eyeglasses, ranging from beautiful ruby reds to edgy deep purples and everything in between. Another popular trend within cat-eye glasses is patterned options, such as tortoiseshell, stripes and floral designs.

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The Timeless Wayfarer-Style Glasses

Another style that draws on vintage inspiration, Wayfarer-style eyeglasses are becoming increasingly popular as of late. This style features a square shape with a flat top that is flattering on a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. Wayfarer eyeglasses are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a style that is timeless but still considered on-trend.

The latest options in 2023 feature a variety of colors, from beautiful blues to playful yellows, and a wide selection of sizes. Whether you’re looking for a standard pair of square eyeglasses, low nose bridge fit or a pair of exaggerated oversized frames, this style is perfect for keeping you on-trend.

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The Cool Clear Eyeglasses

While clear eyeglasses have long been a part of the ‘sci-fi’ future within the world of Hollywood, they’ve finally made a breakthrough into the world of trendy prescription eyeglasses. Originally, these fashion-forward frames often featured a minimalist shape with a thin frame and variety of bridge styles.

Looking at 2023 trends, clear eyeglasses have been taken up a notch thanks to the popularity of lightweight acetate in construction. Additionally, we’re seeing a variety of shapes and frame thicknesses that range from simple minimalist styles to bold chunky styles.

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The Retro Rounded Glasses

A great choice for any fan of iconic vintage eyeglasses, rounded retro frames are back in vogue and increasingly popular among the younger generations. These sophisticated styles were first made popular in the 1920s with the shift from monocles and single lenses towards what we now consider standard prescription eyeglasses frames.

In 2023, we’re seeing a resurgence of a variety of rounded styles in new materials and bold colors. Many of these trendy frames feature subtle design elements such as keyhole bridges, contrasting arm supports, and playful patterns.

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The Vibrantly Colorful Glasses

If you’re on the hunt for a way to make a statement with your prescription eyeglasses, this trend is for you. While colorful eyeglasses were once considered unstylish and tacky, the perspective has now taken a turn, with them now being thought of as avant-garde and elevated, perfect for anyone who wants to make a stylish statement with their eyewear.

For the year 2023, prescription eyeglasses trends have taken color up a notch, with a variety of vibrant styles to choose from. Another unique aspect of current trends is that there is a variety of materials used to create colorful frames, such as vibrant red acetates and solid plastics.

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The Vintage Chunky Glasses

For those who appreciate classic vintage inspiration, a pair of trendy chunky eyeglasses is the perfect option. This style plays on the past in all the right ways with a thicker frame that is just enough to make a subtle yet sophisticated statement. It’s a favorite option in a square shape and often features a variety of color options, although black has always remained the top choice.

In 2023, chunky eyeglasses have evolved from the classic ‘librarian’ or ‘scholar’ look to include a wider variety of frame styles, including rounded and rectangular. We’re also seeing more color options than standard black, such as deep blues and bright reds.

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The Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses

Before you roll your eyes, hear us out on tortoiseshell. While it may feel like an old-school staple of librarians and grandparents, this timeless design has quickly become a favorite fashion-forward option for 2023. This aesthetic pays tribute to some of the original eyeglasses materials, with a unique pattern that resembles the shell of a tortoise.

Looking at 2023, the latest tortoiseshell styles take the classic pattern up a notch. We’re seeing an infusion of colored tortoiseshell designs, ranging from bold oranges to striking reds, as well as subtle accents like keyhole bridge designs or contrasting arms.

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When it comes to designer prescription eyeglasses, long gone are the days of considering them just a necessity. Now thought of as an essential fashion accessory, on-trend eyeglasses are a great way to see the world more clearly and feel more confident. And with such a wide selection of trends to choose from at Azimuth, you’re certain to find an amazing pair (or two!) to add to your everyday lineup.

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