Seeing Success: The Best Eyewear Styles for Different Careers

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses, half the fun is finding a great pair of flattering and fashion-forward frames. When deciding which frames will work best for you, it’s important to consider not only your face shape but also your lifestyle.

Take a closer look at when and where you’ll be wearing your new pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses - will you be wearing them while out and about on the town? How about when attending formal events? Or what about when you’re going to work?

While all of these lifestyle factors are important considerations when shopping for designer prescription eyeglasses, one of the most critical pieces is whether you’ll be wearing them to work.

If you are, you may want to know what is trending in your field and how to add that personal touch to your existing wardrobe. Keeping in mind, glasses are worth the investment as they are needed for those work from home days and those of us back in the office.  

Best Eyewear Styles for your Career

If you’re feeling a little lost on where to start in finding the right pair of frames to fit your current or ideal job, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a quick list of the best eyewear styles to fit a variety of different careers. Keep reading to learn more and to find the perfect pair of stylish frames to fit your current lifestyle needs.

Eyeglass Styles for Executives

First up on our list is the corporate executive. Whether you’re working in finance, a whiz in operations, or making your mark in human resources, working for a corporate environment often involves a more buttoned-up style of eyeglasses. Many popular styles are simple in shape with a flattering silhouette that won’t detract or distract while working. 

And while these eyeglasses are often minimalist in design, there is an opportunity to be a little more playful with color and pattern, even at a corporate level.

Look for square or rectangular options that flatter your unique face shape, but don’t be afraid to take it up a notch by picking an unexpected color or pattern. After all, your favorite pair of prescription frames can also be a unique fashion accessory in the corporate environment.

Our Recommended Styles:

Eyeglass Styles for Designers & Architects

In the world of design and architecture, clarity of vision is essential. Whether you're sketching blueprints, crafting digital designs, or conceptualizing prototypes, the right pair of prescription eyeglasses can enhance both your vision and professional style.

For a sleek, modern appearance, rectangle frames convey professionalism, aligning with the structured approach to design. Consider lightweight materials like titanium for all-day comfort. Blue-light blockers are essential for those spending hours in front of digital screens.

For those with a career or career path that falls on the creative side of the spectrum, the world is their oyster when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Because creativity is often inspired by the world around them, professionals in this career can choose whichever frames fit their taste and style rather than the image that they are looking to portray within their job space.

For designers, feel free to play around with frame shapes and sizes, trying out a variety to find which pair is the right style and flattering on your face. You can also take risks with colors and patterns, choosing options that are a little more out there and off-the-wall than your corporate counterparts.

All in all, have fun with your frames if you fall into this career category!

Our Recommended Styles:

Eyeglass Styles for Salespersons

For the person whose job falls within the sales realm, finding the right pair of prescription eyeglasses can add an easy boost to your confidence and your career. In these positions, the image can play a significant role in your success.

Not only do you want a dress to fit what your company is selling but also to match what your clientele expects when they come to you for assistance in purchasing something. This is true regardless of what you are selling, whether it’s solar panels, designer clothing, or professional services.

For the sales professional, take a look at your clients as well as those working with you before you take the plunge on a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Consider stronger silhouettes, such as those with square or rectangular frames, to give yourself a subtle sense of power and authority.

Make sure to pick a pair of frames that are flattering on your face as well to add a quick boost of confidence that will help boost your sales performance.

Our Recommended Styles:

Eyeglass Styles for Stay-at-Home Parents

This is a demanding role that requires smarts, focus, and versatility just like other professions.  

For the stay-at-home parent, finding a great pair of wear-anywhere prescription eyeglasses is key. One thing to consider is that you’ll likely be running in and outside, shuttling kids to and from school and activities.

To keep your eyes at their healthiest, consider opting for either transition lenses in your favorite pair of eyeglasses or a pair of designer prescription sunglasses to keep with you when you head outside. And if you have the money to spare, it’s always worth it to have a second pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses on deck in case something happens with the kids that cause damage to your go-to pair.

Our Recommended Styles:

Eyeglass Styles for Scholars

In the academic world, whether you’re a student or teacher, your choice of eyeglasses can convey intellect, expertise, and creative energy. 

Most commonly chosen among educational professionals are retro-inspired styles such as rounded frames or cat-eye frames. Beyond their nod to classic style, these frames also provide a flattering look on a range of face shapes and effortlessly complement various professional attire, whether it’s a sharp suitor or a more casual jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble.

Our Recommended Styles:

Eyeglass Styles for Medical Professionals

When working in healthcare, the right pair of eyeglasses can communicate your expertise as well as provide a warm and welcoming appearance to your patients.

Many healthcare professionals, from nurses to doctors to hospital staff, opt for eyeglasses that are crisp and clean but with a hint of playful unique design.

Some of the most commonly chosen silhouettes are square and rectangular shapes for an authoritative appearance as well as rounded and cat-eye frames for a more playful appearance that still conveys intellect and knowledge.

Our Recommended Styles:

Eyeglass Styles for Tradesmen

For tradesmen, the right prescription eyeglasses are a crucial tool, providing both clear vision and on-the-job safety. Safety glasses are often a must, offering impact resistance and vision correction to protect your eyes in hazardous environments. When working outdoors, wraparound frames are an excellent choice, creating a shield against wind, dust, and debris.

Consider eyeglasses with anti-scratch coatings to extend the life of your lenses, especially in conditions where glasses can easily get scratched. Polycarbonate lenses are both tough and lightweight, making them ideal for trades that demand durability without added weight.


Remember, when it comes to thinking about the right type of prescription eyeglasses to purchase, it’s important to think about your lifestyle. Your career is a significant aspect of that lifestyle.

So, when you’re shopping for eyeglasses, consider your current job or your dream job to make sure that your stylish prescription eyeglasses are in line with the image that you want to portray. With the right eyeglasses, you’ll have a clear vision as you climb the ladder into reaching your career goals!

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