The Science Behind Blue Light Glasses

Choosing prescription eyeglass lenses used to be primarily about achieving clear vision. After all, you only need to see clearly, right? Not necessarily. However, in the past decade, this perspective has shifted. It’s no longer just about achieving clear sight; there’s more to consider when selecting lenses.

Stylish prescription eyeglasses are no longer solely focused on clear vision. They now offer enhanced vision protection. From amazing photochromic lenses that change opacity in the light to adjust from clear to dark sunglasses to polarized prescription lenses that act as protection against harmful UV rays, there are so many different types of lenses on the market now to choose from.

One of our favorite new innovations within the world of high-tech prescription eyeglasses lenses is the introduction of blue light glasses. A lens style that has grown in popularity over the last several years, these lenses work to protect the eyes from harmful blue light that can be emitted from electronic devices.

Interested in learning more about the science behind blue light glasses and why you should consider these lenses for your next pair of prescription eyeglasses? We’ll break it down in detail below - keep reading to learn more.

What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses are a recent invention within the field of optometry that employ lenses to block harmful blue light rays. While their effectiveness is a hotly debated topic, it’s widely accepted that the right pair of high-quality blue light blocking eyeglasses can work to effectively block these rays and protect eye health.

It can originate naturally, from the sun, or artificially from sources such as LED or fluorescent lighting, as well as screened devices like cell phones, televisions and computers. Blue light rays are thought to cause damage to the ocular surface, which can lead to decreased vision. However, this effect can be attributed to the lack of blinking that occurs when using electronic devices, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which is also known as, “digital eye strain.”

How do Blue Light Glasses Work?

These innovative prescription eyeglass lenses are designed to specifically block blue light from passing through them. They also can work to block harmful UV rays from the sun, giving them an added bonus effect.

Blue light eyeglass lenses also work to counter the effects of digital eye strain which can lead to a reduction in other subsequent symptoms, including headaches or migraines. In fact, many individuals who suffer from chronic migraines triggered by blue light have been shown to experience significant relief when wearing blue light-blocking lenses.

One result of high blue light exposure levels that blue light blocking lenses work to counter is the interruption of your circadian rhythm. Our bodies naturally react to the light around us, beginning to release melatonin, a sleeping hormone, when the sun starts to go down. When exposed to high levels of blue light rays, our bodies delay the production of melatonin, as these rays keep us awake and alert. By wearing blue light eyeglasses throughout the day, we can effectively counter this effect, allowing our bodies to maintain a normal circadian rhythm.

Do I Need Blue Light Glasses?

You may find yourself wondering - do I actually need to invest in a pair of prescription blue light eyeglasses? You can easily answer this yourself by taking a look at your daily and nightly habits involving screened devices.

Do you spend a large amount of time each day or evening in front of a screen (phone, computer, tv, etc.)? If so, blue light lenses would be a great addition to your prescription eyeglasses. This is especially true if you are in the habit of using screened devices after dark, when your circadian rhythm should be triggering your body to release melatonin in preparation to go to sleep.

If you don’t spend a lot of time in front of screened devices, you shouldn’t necessarily opt out of blue light lenses. They can still be useful when worn day-to-day to keep a normal circadian rhythm, helping you to get to sleep on time and to sleep better.

Where Can I Buy Blue Light Glasses?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses with blue light lenses, we have great news for you. At Azimuth, we are happy to offer two types of blue light-blocking lenses that can be added to any of our designer prescription frames. We’ll break down the two types in detail below:

  1. The Poly Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses
    These state-of-the-art prescription lenses offer 100% protection against UV rays and the other damaging rays that our eyes are exposed to throughout the day (available in both our Single Vision and Progressive lens customization options).

  2. The 1.67 High-Index Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses
    Thinner, lighter and more wearable than your standard blue-light blocking glasses, these high-index lenses offer all of the protection that your eyes need with a slim design (available in both Single Vision and Progressive lens options).

Whether you’re a fan of our bold The Meridian Designer Cat-Eye and Square Glasses in Tortoise and Blue or interested in purchasing our classic 'The Beacon' Designer Square Glasses in Midnight Blue, adding blue light lenses to any pair of our stylish eyeglasses collection is simple.

After you pick the perfect frames, enter your prescription and choose from our Poly Blue-Light Blocking Lenses or 1.67 High-Index Blue-Light Blocking Lenses at checkout. You can also opt for lenses without a prescription if you are just looking for the protection that Blue-Light Blocking Lenses offer. We’ll handle the rest!


When choosing the right pair of prescription eyeglasses online, the lenses that you choose are just as important as the frames. One new innovation within the field of ophthalmology is the introduction of blue light-blocking lenses. A great option for those who spend a lot of time using blue light-emitting devices such as televisions, computers or smartphones, blue light-blocking lenses work to protect the eyes from digital eye strain and other harmful effects.

If you’re thinking about opting for these premium eyeglass lenses in your next pair, we’re here to help - we have two amazing options available that can be easily added to any of our amazing designer prescription eyeglass frames.

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