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While it’s easy to get excited about shopping for prescription eyeglasses online, it can be a bit overwhelming. From finding the perfect designer frames to weeding through the seemingly endless lens options, it can be quite the challenge. And if you’re looking for lens customization options? Forget it - this can only add to the confusion and worry.

Designer Frames

But what if we told you the process of finding the perfect eyeglass lens options can be easy? That’s right - finding the perfect speciality lenses and lens material options doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. At Azimuth, we’re here to help you on your journey towards finding the ultimate custom lens options and lens upgrades to suit your needs. We’ve laid out our top lens enhancements and lens technologies available at Azimuth to help you narrow down what you need in your next pair of prescription eyeglasses.

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Our Prescription Lens Options

When you purchase a pair of prescription eyeglasses at Azimuth, we offer two standard options to choose from for your lenses - either Single Vision or Progressive. Both options are included at  the starting price of $199 for all our trendy eyeglass styles. But how do you determine which type of lens you need?

Each lens option is available as either a polycarbonate lens or 1.67 high-index lens. While both lens options are great, the high-index lenses offer a thinner, lighter construction that is ideal for higher prescriptions of SPH +/- 4.0 or higher.

Simply select which lens option you prefer at checkout to create the perfect pair of customized prescription eyeglasses. You can also add further enhancements, which we will go into further detail about below.

Our Prescription Lens Enhancement Options

In addition to offering standard prescription lenses, we also offer the opportunity to add lens coatings and enhancements to further advance your lens features. These enhancements are offered at an additional cost to the customer on top of the $199 price per pair of prescription eyeglasses.

  • Blue-Light Lenses

    For the modern worker, keeping our eyes safe while spending time on the computer or on our phones is of the utmost importance. By adding enhancements such as blue light filters to your prescription lenses, you can better protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

    This innovative lens technology is recent to the market and has been a favorite of men and women around the world. This lens enhancement doesn’t impact the appearance of your lenses and offers the utmost protection without sacrificing style or quality. 

    Much like our other lens styles, our blue-light blocking lenses are also offered in standard poly form as well as 1.67 high-index for a slimmer silhouette that is perfect for those with prescriptions of SPH +/- 4.0 or higher.

    During checkout, you can select the option to add blue light filters to your prescription eyeglasses should you decide that you need them. All of our amazing eyeglass styles are offered with this feature, so you won’t feel limited when making your final selection.

    Amazing Eyeglass Styles 
  • Polarized Lenses

    In addition to offering blue-light protection lenses, we also offer the option for UV protection lenses. These lenses are polarized and are used to create customized prescription sunglasses, effectively giving you the gift of vision even when spending time in the sunny outdoors.

    This style of prescription eyeglass lens offers anti-glare coatings as well as a high level of UV protection to keep your eyes safe from glare and harmful UV rays. These lenses are available in our standard polarized lens style as well as the more advanced 1.67 high-index style that offers a slimmer, thinner design and is ideal for prescriptions of SPH +/- 4.0 or more.

    You can easily select to add polarized lenses to your favorite lenses during the checkout process. Simply choose your favorite lens option and sit back and relax while your brand new prescription sunglasses are delivered directly to your front door.

    Prescription Sunglasses 
  • Transition Lenses

    If you’re someone who doesn’t like to carry two pairs of prescription eyeglasses with them, a clear lens pair for indoors and a polarized lens pair for outdoors, transition lenses are the perfect easy solution for you.

    Also known as photochromic lenses, transition lenses change their appearance when moving from the indoors to outdoors, darkening when exposed to sunlight and lightening when the sunlight is removed. In other words, these innovative lenses effortlessly adapt to the environment around you.

    Like our other lens enhancement options, we offer our standard lenses and 1.67 high-index lenses in a transitional photochromic style. The high-index lenses are best-suited for those with prescriptions of SPH +/- 4.0 or more, as they feature a thinner, more lightweight design.

When it comes to shopping for prescription eyeglasses online, it’s always important to take a closer look at the lenses. Whether you’re searching for the latest lens enhancements such as blue-light filters or transition lenses, or you’re simply on the hunt for a classic pair of eyeglasses with high-index lenses, it’s tantamount to consider your options. At Azimuth, we are proud to offer an amazing selection of prescription lenses and lens enhancements with the latest innovations and technologies to help you see the world around you more clearly each and every day.