Vision of Azimuth

At Azimuth, our goal is to create accessible and affordable luxury eyeglasses that serve a greater purpose. With each purchase, we provide children and adults in need across the United States with the precious gift of sight. We believe that everyone deserves clear vision, and the quickest way to achieve it is through the right set of prescription eyeglass lenses.

We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of different prescription eyeglasses lens styles, ranging from fully customizable lenses to innovative digital lenses to simple single vision lenses. Whether you’re in need of corrective lenses that also offer blue light protection or are searching for a great pair of prescription sunglasses, we have the perfect selection of options for you.

With our extensive range of options, you can easily select the perfect pair of lenses to suit what you’re looking for. Simply pick your favorite pair of modern eyeglasses, enter your prescription and choose any of the prescription lens upgrades or lens customization options that you want. We’ll build your fully customized eyeglasses to your exact specifications and send them directly to your front door.

Interested in learning more about which styles and types of prescription eyeglasses lenses we offer at Azimuth? Keep reading to learn more about each available option to find the perfect style or styles to suit your needs.

Modern Eyeglasses

Our Prescription Lens Styles

For so many of us, prescription eyeglasses are a part of our everyday lives. Whether we’ve been wearing prescription lenses since we were kids or are recently exploring a need for prescription lenses, these seemingly small pieces of glass can make an entire world of difference when it comes to our sight and quality of life.

  • The Single Vision Lens

    This style of lens is ideal for correcting either nearsightedness, also known as myopia, or farsightedness. We are proud to offer two types of single vision lenses:

    1. Single Vision Polycarbonate Lenses
      These custom eyeglass lenses are ideal for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

    2. Single Vision 1.67 High-Index Clear Lenses
      This lens style is thinner and lighter, ideal for prescriptions SPH +/- 4.0 or higher.
  • The Progressive Lens

    More advanced lens technologies lend themselves to this style, which is ideal for correcting both nearsightedness and farsightedness. At Azimuth, we offer two types of progressive lenses:

    1. Progressive Polycarbonate Lenses
      These innovative lenses are ideal for near, middle and far distance vision correction.

    2. Progressive 1.67 High-Index Clear Lenses
      This lens style is both thinner and lighter, and is ideal for prescriptions SPH +/- 4.0 or higher.

Our Lens Customization and Lens Enhancements Options

While our focus is on providing amazing prescription lenses at an accessible price point, we also offer a variety of lens features and advanced lens options that you can customize to fit exactly what you’re looking for. From fully custom lens options to lens upgrades, we have something to suit everyone’s sense of style and necessary functionality.

  • Blue Light Lenses

    A favorite contemporary lens upgrade, these specialty lenses are designed with blue light filters to help block out UV rays and other damaging rays that can negatively affect your eye health. A great choice for high screen time customers, these custom lenses will help keep your eyes feeling and operating at their best. Here are some of our Blue Light lens options:

    1. The Poly Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses
      These state-of-the-art prescription lenses offer 100% protection against UV rays and the other damaging rays that our eyes are exposed to throughout the day. They are available in both our Single Vision and Progressive lens customization options.

    2. The 1.67 High-Index Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses
      Thinner, lighter and more wearable than your standard blue-light blocking glasses, these lenses offer all of the protection that your eyes need with a slim design. This lens customization style is also available in both Single Vision and Progressive lens options.
  • Polarized Sunglasses Lenses

    An additional variety of lens features that we offer is our array of polarized sunglasses lenses. After all, you still want to see clearly while you’re keeping your eyes safe from the sun! Prescription polarized lenses are a great way to get the best of both worlds, with UV protection, anti-glare coatings and the ability to see all rolled into one convenient wearable shape. Here are some of our polarized sunglasses lens options:

    1. Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
      A standard among our variety of polarized lenses, these premium lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays and 99% protection against glare. This option is available in both Single Vision and Progressive lenses.

    2. 1.67 High-Index Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
      These advanced lens options combine our signature UV protection lenses with a thinner and lighter construction that is ideal for prescriptions SPH +/- 4.0 or higher. This lens option is offered for both Single Vision and Progressive lenses.
  • Photochromic Lenses

    One of the more recent additions to the world of prescription eyeglass lenses, photochromic lenses are light-responsive lenses that actively adapt to the light around the wearer. In other words, they transition to match the lighting around you, turning clear when indoors and dark when outdoors. These unique transition lenses are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a pair of prescription eyeglasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses, as it combines them into one. Here are our photochromic lens options:

    1. Photochromic Lenses
      Unique transitioning lenses that become clearer inside and darker outside, with a fast activation and fade back. This lens style is offered in both Single Vision and Progressive lens options.

    2. Photochromic 1.67 High-Index Lenses. This style of transition lens is designed with a thinner and sleeker lens that is great for prescriptions SPH +/- 4.0 or higher. It’s offered in both Single Vision and Progressive lens options.

When it comes to seeing the world around you, having the right pair of prescription eyeglasses and lenses can make all of the difference. Whether you’re searching for simple single vision lenses or are on the hunt for digital lenses with advanced customization options, you’ll find exactly what you need at Azimuth. You’re certain to find the perfect pair (or two!) of prescription eyeglasses with our wide array of lens material options and amazing prescription eyeglasses styles.