Framing Your Confidence: Eyebrow Tips for Glasses-Wearing Women

When we contemplate finding the ideal pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses frames, we frequently factor in our face shape, overall appearance, and even our current hairstyles. However, one element that can sometimes be overlooked is our eyebrows. These seemingly subtle but undeniably crucial features play a role in framing our faces, adding shape and structure and complementing our other natural features.

But when it comes to those of us who wear glasses, how should we consider our eyebrows when choosing the right pair of frames? Are there any guidelines to follow to best flatter your unique facial features?

If you’re feeling a little bit stuck on where to start in determining how your eyebrows can fit with the rest of your facial structure, we’re here to help. Keep reading to discover helpful tips and tricks as well as valuable insights on how to find the perfect pair of designer prescription eyeglasses to fit your beautiful brows.

Make Sure They’re Visible

While chunky, oversized glasses will always be in fashion, they can sometimes look awkward or unflattering if they cover up your eyebrows.

When looking for your next pair of prescription eyeglasses, try finding a pair that only covers the bottom half of your eyebrows, allowing the top half to still be shown. This will ensure that these face-framing elements are still visible and complement your face perfectly.

You may also find it beneficiary to try low-nose fit glasses if you have a flatter nose or a low nose bridge. To learn more about finding the perfect fit for your eyeglasses, click here

Think About the Thickness

Now, let’s delve into the thickness of your eyebrows. Striking the balance is the key here. If your eyebrows are on the thinner side, you can choose a pair of frames that are thicker or chunkier to balance everything out, if you have thicker brows, lean towards thinner frames, allowing your brows to take center stage. If you have average brows, you can go either way!

Spend Some Time on the Shape

The next thing to think about when it comes to your brows and your glasses is the shape of your eyebrows. When selecting the right pair of designer prescription frames, you want the shape of them to follow your brows that will flatter your appearance.

For example, if you have very straight or angular brows, the most flattering shape of glasses will be square or rectangular. On the other hand, if you have very arched or rounded brows, a more rounded pair or cat eye would be a great fit.

Keep Color Top of Mind

Another important consideration when thinking about your eyebrows and glasses is the color of the brows themselves. Much like our hair color, the color of our brows can instantly change the look and feel of our faces, adding color, character, and structure. Because your prescription eyeglasses sit so near the brows, make sure to take their color into consideration when choosing the color and pattern of your frames to ensure the most complementary and flattering appearance.

Figure Out Your Face Shape

A key element in discovering the perfect pair of frames to fit with your eyebrows is determining your face shape. While your eyebrows are an important key element to consider, the shape and silhouette of your face can ultimately determine which pair of frames will look best on you. If you’re interested in learning more about how to find your face shape and which glasses will look the most flattering on you, head on over to our blog for a deep dive on the subject.

Change It Up

The beauty of brows is that you’re not stuck with just one shape - you can change them up! Whether it’s through threading or plucking, microblading, or makeup, it has never been easier to change the shape of your brows. So if you find a pair of amazingly stylish prescription glasses that you love but they don’t fit with your current eyebrows, you can easily remedy the situation with a quick eyebrow makeover via the method of your choosing.

Don’t forget to be Yourself

We can talk all day and all night about how to find the perfect pair of designer prescription glasses to fit your unique eyebrows. But the truth of the matter is that the frames that you choose should also fit with your unique personality and sense of style. If the glasses that you think will be the most flattering aren’t a pair that gets you excited to put them on or leave you feeling confident, they’re not the right pair for you. Don’t forget to be yourself!


When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses, one consideration should always be your eyebrows. A key element of the face, your eyebrows help to frame and shape the face, complementing other natural features.

Look for a pair of glasses that work well with your brows, taking the thickness, shape, and color of your brows into consideration along the way. But never forget - the right pair of prescription eyeglasses should leave you feeling confident and empowered. Always opt for a pair that will take you there!

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of frames from Azimuth and want to make sure that they complement your brows, we’re happy to help. We are proud to offer our customers a unique Virtual Try-On tool that allows you to see what each pair of frames will actually look like on your unique face. To experience this tool for yourself and find your perfect pair of frames, visit our website HERE to get started.
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