Fall in Love with Clear Vision: Prescription Styles Perfect for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

There’s no time of the year quite like Valentine’s Day. While some may playfully roll their eyes at this holiday, it truly serves as a beautiful reminder to appreciate the people we hold dear. Whether it’s your spouse, partner, parent, or a cherished friend. Remember to show them how much you truly appreciate them.

For those of us who communicate love through gifting, there’s an unparalleled joy in finding the perfect, thoughtful present. From a coveted piece of jewelry, a delightful treat from their favorite bakery, or a book from a beloved author, finding something treasured is a truly satisfying accomplishment. 

Yet, amidst these traditional gifts, let’s not overlook the profoundness of clear vision. Seeing clearly is a daily privilege often taken for granted, making it a meaningful and often overlooked present. Whether it’s a pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses that frame their face perfectly to a cool pair of designer prescription sunglasses, it becomes a gift that is not only meaningful but also memorable for Valentine's Day.

In addition to showing gratitude to your partner, family member or treasured friend, your purchase of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at Azimuth will help show love to others in need. With each purchase at Azimuth, all proceeds will be donated to helping individuals within your community obtain the prescription eyeglasses that they so desperately need but are unable to afford. In giving to those that you love, you are also passing it on to your community.

If you’re considering purchasing a great pair of designer prescription sunglasses or super stylish prescription eyeglasses for yourself or someone special this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a quick roundup of some of our favorite styles for her, him, and anyone else on your shopping list. Keep reading to find the perfect pair to gift or keep this Valentine’s Day.

The Perfect Frames for Her

We’ll start things off with the perfect frames for her. Whether she’s a lover of retro-inspired cat-eye styles, such as our Meridian Designer Cat-Eye and Square Prescription Eyeglasses and Visionary Designer Cat-Eye Glasses in Tortoiseshell, or searching for something a little more simple for everyday wear, like our Moss Sola Designer Sunglasses, we have plenty of amazing designer prescription eyeglasses options to choose from. 

We’d recommend taking a closer look at her day-to-day style to help narrow down the perfect pair - what colors or patterns does she tend to wear? This will help inform you as to whether you should choose something simple, pick a pair of bold patterned eyeglasses, or seek out something bright and colorful. You should also ask whether she tends to dress up or down and if she spends a lot of time in a professional environment that requires a more buttoned-up look. This can help you determine the style and silhouette to choose, whether playful or neutral.

In addition, always consider her unique facial shape and features - you want to make sure that you find a pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses that are flattering and she’ll want to wear!

The Perfect Frames for Him

When searching for a fantastic pair of designer prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses to gift a special gentleman, consider a few key details about his daily life. First, think about whether he spends most of his time indoors or outdoors.

If he’s an avid outdoorsman, a pair of prescription sunglasses, like our Tortoise Sola Designer Square Prescription Sunglasses, might be right up his alley. On the other hand, if he has more of an indoors-centric lifestyle, try looking for a simple yet flattering pair of eyeglasses, such as our Beacon Designer Square Eyeglasses in Ebony, to complement anything that he decides to wear.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or having trouble deciding on the right pair, take a closer look at his work life as well. If he’s an active professional who is spending a lot of time in the office, whether virtual or in-person, try a pair of modern eyeglasses, like The Director Designer Oversized Square Prescription Eyeglasses in Clear. For a more casual or creative work environment, feel free to experiment with fun colors or patterns, like our bold The Explorer Designer Round Eyeglasses in Yellow.

The Perfect Frames for Anyone

For those who are looking for a pair of unisex frames suitable for anyone on their Valentine’s Day gifting list, we’ve got plenty of amazing options in our collections. Classic square silhouettes, such as our best-selling Horizon Designer Round Glasses and Beacon Designer Square Eyeglasses in Midnight Blue, are flattering on all genders and face shapes — the perfect wear-anywhere option.

If you have someone on your list with a more creative and artistic style, try looking for a pair of stylish frames in a sleek rounded shape, like our Meridian Designer Cat-Eye Square Glasses Tortoise & Teal. This silhouette is subtle yet statement-making with a slightly oversized shape that will be super flattering on a variety of face shapes.


When it comes to finding the perfect thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, a pair of designer prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses might not be the first idea. However, a clear vision is something that is truly a treasure to share with the ones that you love. Whether you are purchasing a pair for yourself or a pair for someone special this season, prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses are a great way to show that you truly care.

To better celebrate the beauty and partnership surrounding Valentine’s Day, we are excited to share two exclusive offers for our customers. For a limited time only, we are happy to announce that you can purchase two pairs of our stylish designer sunglasses from the Sola or 1932 collections for the low price of $199.

In addition, we are also giving our customers an unprecedented first-time discount for our optical collections, with each pair priced at $99 (a 50% discount with the code ShareLove24). We hope that these special offers will inspire you to find the perfect pair of designer prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses to help you or someone special fall in love with clear vision this Valentine’s Day.

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