Top Trends in Prescription Sunglasses for Fashion-Forward Individuals

For so many of us who wear prescription eyeglasses, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we’re stuck when it comes to prescription sunglasses. According to what we’ve seen in the past, we should only have just a few styles to choose from that aren’t exactly on-trend, right? This is one instance where we are so happy to be wrong.

In the last decade or so, prescription designer glasses and designer prescription sunglasses have become so much more than just a necessity to see - they’re now a vital fashion accessory. And just like trendy eyeglasses, there are now plenty of amazing, fashion-forward sunglasses options to choose from when searching for a new pair. In fact, many eyeglasses companies now offer the ability to turn prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses with just a simple swap of the lens, giving you an even greater variety of options to choose from.

But where should you get started on finding the right pair of fashion-forward sunglasses in your prescription to add to your collection? If you’re ready to take the plunge and find the perfect pair of trendy sunglasses to add to your collection, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of top trends in prescription sunglasses for fashion-forward individuals. Keep reading to learn more and find your perfect pair or two.


We’ll start our list of top prescription sunglasses trends off with a tried-and-true favorite: the Wayfarer. First made popular in the 1980s, this iconic style features a square lens with a classic silhouette. It were often worn in a variety of colors and patterns with both mirrored and standard lenses. With their bold square silhouette Wayfarer sunglasses are flattering on all face shapes and can be dressed up or down to suit any situation.

The new iteration of the Wayfarer frame takes the timeless aesthetic up a notch, infusing them with modern innovations and design elements. Many modern Wayfarers are crafted using acetate rather than the typical plastic materials, offering a lighter and more durable design that is more comfortable to wear long-term. You will see classic solid colors and unique pattern combinations with this style, such as tortoiseshell combined with blocks of blue.

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Another top prescription eyeglasses trend is the resurgence of the Cat-Eye Sunglasses. A retro-inspired favorite, these sleek sunglasses feature a playful design with a rounded center that tapers out to a point at the temples, mimicking the shape of a cat’s eye. First popular in the 1940s and 1950s, this whimsical style was offered in a variety of colors, with particular favorites being classic black and cherry red.

The modern interpretation of this timeless trend keeps the same feminine aesthetic but amps it up, with new silhouettes and a variety of color and pattern combinations. We’re seeing thicker frames, more exaggerated tapered ends and unique nose bridge designs become more and more popular. There is a huge variety of different colors and patterns available with a contemporary cat-eye, from shiny bold black to eye-catching dyed clear acetates.

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Another retro-inspired favorite that has experienced a boom in popularity as of late is the Round Sunglasses trend. This aesthetic features circular frames with a slim nose bridge and classic arms. Many rounded sunglasses were designed with simple frames that focused on a minimalist aesthetic, making the focus of the sunglasses function over fashion.

This subtle yet statement-making style builds upon these rounded shapes first made popular in the 1920s and 1960s, adding playful design elements such as unique nose bridges. Long gone are the days of minimalism, with contemporary designs focusing on upping the ante with oversized frames, bold colors, and playful patterns.

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A bit different from their Wayfarer counterparts, the slim square sunglasses trend takes its inspiration from the 1990s. This turn-of-the-century aesthetic keeps the same bold shape favored in the 1980s, and slims it out, with a sleeker design and more minimalist silhouette. These styles are often rectangular in shape, rather than a standard square and are super flattering on a wide variety of face shapes.

This trend takes the timeless square shape up a notch, adding unique design elements that take it into the modern age. Accents such as contrasting arms and new materials, such as acetate,  add a bold visual appeal and a comfortable wear to these statement-making sunglasses. Many favor this professional style as a transition lens or a photochromic ‘light-responsive’ lens, which changes from clear to opaque when exposed to sunlight.

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When it comes to prescription sunglasses, we’re no longer limited to the two or three unfashionable options we see in our optometrist’s office. With the growing popularity of seeing prescription glasses and sunglasses as a fashion accessory, rather than just a necessity to see, the variety of prescription sunglasses options has increased substantially. We’re seeing so many more trendy and fashion-forward styles to choose from - it’s exciting to think about what we’ll see next.

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