Dressing Up Your Eyes: How to Pair Glasses with Dresses and Handbags

When it comes to getting ready in the morning for the day ahead, finding the right outfit to fit your day is key. Are you going to be going into the office? Better dress business casual. Heading out to run errands? Keep it comfy and cute. Going out for an expensive meal with someone special? Time to get dressed up!

One key element that we often forget to consider when getting the perfect outfit put together for our day is our prescription eyeglasses. More of an afterthought than a careful consideration, we tend to forget to consider what our eyeglasses look like when choosing the perfect outfit for any given occasion. And while this might work in some situations, it’s, unfortunately, not the case for all occasions. Also, don't forget to keep your face-shape in mind when choosing.

Fortunately, you can plan ahead with what you wear and the designer eyeglasses that you’ll be sporting for any upcoming special occasion. Whether you’re heading into work or taking a night out on the town, adding this step to your routine will boost your confidence and have you feeling and looking your best from head to toe.

But, if you’re not used to considering your favorite designer prescription eyeglasses when choosing your daily outfit, you may find the idea challenging. Where do you start? How do you match your glasses to your favorite dress? What about shoes? And handbags? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to match your favorite glasses with your dresses, handbags, shoes and more. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

How to Match Glasses to Dresses and Other Clothing

When thinking about how to best match your favorite pair of eyeglasses to what you’re wearing, it’s important to remember - don’t ever sacrifice your personal sense of style and confidence for the sake of coordination. When in doubt, always opt for something that makes you comfortable and the most like yourself!

Now that we’ve gotten that important detail out of the way, it’s time to talk about matching. When it comes to matching your glasses to what you’re wearing, the easiest first step to take is to look at the color and pattern of your frames and how it compliments your dress or outfit. A crucial part of this is also deciding whether you want your frames to be a statement piece or more of a coordinating accessory that matches the rest of what you’re wearing.

When wearing colored frames, it’s key to consider how the color will blend with the rest of what you are wearing. Have you reached for a pair of vibrant frames, like our Horizon Designer Round Glasses in Forest Green? If so, take a closer look at the rest of your outfit to make sure that the colors don’t clash. On that same note, consider how the colors all work together visually to tell a story. In this example, you wouldn’t want to pair a red dress with green eyeglasses, unless you’re looking for a holiday-themed outfit! 

After you’ve taken a closer look at the color of your prescription frames, it’s time to consider the pattern. Are you wearing tortoiseshell frames, such as our Meridian Designer Cat-Eye and Square Glasses in Tortoise and Blue? Or are you wearing something with a bolder pattern, such as stripes or checks? Consider how the pattern works with what you’re wearing and make sure that it’s not clashing or drawing away from the rest of your outfit, unless your intention is to do just that.

When in doubt, opting for a pair of sleek minimalist frames in a bold black or neutral hue is a great option to add to any outfit for a subtle coordinating appearance. We’d highly recommend going for a pair of frames that complements your unique face shape, whether it’s bold square frames for a round face, like our Altruist Square Glasses in Black, or feminine rounded frames for a more square face, such as our Humanist Oval Cat Eye Glasses in Black

How to Match Glasses to Handbags and Shoes

While matching your favorite designer prescription eyeglasses to your closet of dresses can be a daunting challenge, it’s much easier to pair them up with your favorite handbags and shoes. Because all three items are considered accessories, they can coexist within the same family without having to look too matchy-matchy. In other words, you can easily pair your favorite tortoiseshell glasses with a brown handbag and shoes or a black handbag and shoes.

When thinking about pairings, look for complementary colors and patterns. With a brightly colored pair of glasses, such as our Visionary Cat Eye Glasses in Red, you can opt for a handbag and shoes that are within the same color family. Additionally, with a pair of solid colored prescription glasses, you can also implement fun patterns and textures in your shoes and handbag choices in neutral colors or complementary color combinations.

If you’re opting for a pair of patterned eyeglasses, such as our Meridian Designer Cat-Eye and Square Glasses in Tortoise and Blue, it’s best to keep your accessories simple and within the same color family. With multi-colored patterns such as tortoiseshell or stripes, you can choose handbags and shoes in any of the colors found within for a coordinating head-to-toe look. It’s often recommended that you avoid clashing patterns between these accessories, as they can be a little overwhelming to your overall appearance.

For those women who prefer something a little more bold or playful in the handbag and shoe department, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of sleek prescription eyeglasses, like our Beacon Designer Square Eyeglasses in Black Ebony. Minimalist eyewear styles allow for you to go maximalist in the rest of your look without fear of clashing or looking untasteful.


When it comes to planning your day-to-day outfits, don’t forget to consider which pair of stylish designer prescription eyeglasses you’ll be wearing. You want to make sure that they complement both what you’re wearing and the other accessories that you’ll be carrying with you, such as handbags. But never forget - your eyewear is an expression of your unique personality and sense of style. When it comes down to deciding what to wear, remember to stay confident in yourself and never sacrifice your uniqueness.

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