Unlocking the Perfect Match: Glasses that Complement Your Hairstyle

When looking for a new pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses, one thing that should be considered is how a particular pair of frames fits with your current sense of style. After all, if you’ll be wearing them day in and day out, you want them to complement what you’re wearing and what you look like. One key aspect to consider within the world of personal style and your eyeglasses is what your current hairstyle looks like.

Just as important as how you dress, your hairstyle is a key way in which you present yourself to the world. And if you’re wearing prescription eyeglasses each and every day, they should complement your hair as well. After all, your hair is just as much an expression of your personality and unique sense of style as your favorite eyeglasses frames!

But how do you pick the right pair of designer prescription eyeglasses for your unique hairstyle? Is there anything that you should consider or skip altogether? If you’re new to the world of shopping to complement your hair, we’re here to help. Keep reading to discover how to find the perfect match between your unique hairstyle and your next favorite pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Glasses that Complement Short Hair

When thinking about short hair and how you style it, the world is your oyster when it comes to picking the perfect style of frames to complement it. Short hair is often minimally styled and doesn’t hang in front of the face, allowing you to let your prescription eyeglasses take center stage with anything that you wear. If you do have bangs or layers around the face with your short hairstyle, it’s important to take a look at how they fall around your potential frames. If they tend to fall in front of the eyeline and block your glasses, you may need to consider a different shape or size of frame.

Of course, there are some styles that will make more of an impact than others, such as opting to pair your favorite oversized square frames with a short pixie cut for women. Another such example would be pairing statement rectangular frames with a sleek crew cut for men. With shorter hairstyles, you have a great selection of complementary frame styles to choose from! The hardest part will be narrowing them down to the perfect pair for you.

Our Recommended Styles for Men with Short Hair:

Our Recommended Styles for Women with Short Hair:

Glasses that Complement Medium-Length Hair

With medium-length hair, your range of prescription eyeglasses styles that will complement your hair is a bit smaller than short hair but still offers plenty of options. For women, many medium-length styles feature layers or bangs that frame the face and add shape and structure. On the same note, men who love to wear medium-length hairstyles often have subtle layers as well that serve to frame the face in a flattering light.

In considering which eyeglasses frames options are best for both men and women with medium-length hair, it’s important to think about the hairstyle itself. If you are planning on wearing your hair pushed back or out of the face, you can choose between a wider selection of frames. However, if you prefer to wear your hair down and around the face, try opting for a pair of frames that complements your hair texture - go for a bold rounded frame to match waves or a sleek square frame to complement curls.

Our Recommended Styles for Men with Medium-Length Hair:

Our Recommended Styles for Women with Medium-Length Hair:

Glasses that Complement Long Hair

While so many of us adore having long hair, it can limit the eyeglass frames that will flatter you, depending on how you style your hair. Longer hair tends to frame the face and elongate your features, which can be a bit limiting when considering which style or silhouette of frames will be most flattering. Due to this natural visual elongation of your features, rounded and oversized frames are a great option to counterbalance.

For men with longer hair, it’s always a great option to opt for a pair of glasses with bold vintage inspiration, such as those with rounded frames. You can also opt for dynamic, angular styles to complement the flow of your hair, such as those with oversized square or rectangular frames. When it comes to women with longer hair, you can’t go wrong with a classic cat eye. This shape naturally complements longer hair lengths, subtly accenting the gentle waves of the hair. Another great option that can work with any longer hairstyle is a pair of simple black square frames. These prescription eyeglasses won’t detract from your hair, whether you’re planning on wearing them up or down, and are flattering on most, if not all, face shapes.

Our Recommended Styles for Men with Long Hair:

Our Recommended Styles for Women with Long Hair:

Remember, when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of designer prescription eyeglasses, it’s always important to consider your current hairstyle. Whether you’re rocking short hair or have been a lifelong lover of long hair, always take a moment to consider if your chosen frames will work with how you typically style your hair. That way, you’ll be even more confident as you make your way in the world with crystal clear vision!

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