Keeping it Cool: Glasses and Sunglasses Streetwear for the Winter Season

As the winter season draws near, now is the perfect moment to dive into the exciting realm of wardrobe transformation. Imagine replacing your lightweight fall jackets with snug, weatherproof options, breaking out your favorite chunky sweaters to dusting off your favorite scarves and cold-weather hats. This quick wardrobe update is always in fashion for the changing seasons.

But even if you’re always up to date on getting your seasonal clothing and accessories prepped and ready, chances are that you’re missing one important element - your eyewear! Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses day in and day out or rock a pair of designer prescription sunglasses, these crucial accessories deserve a quick seasonal update as we move into the cold winter months.

If you’re new to the idea of updating your eyewear for a new season ahead and not sure where to get started, we’re here and happy to help. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite ways to give your eyeglasses and sunglasses a, dare we say, ‘cool’ new streetwear-inspired refresh for the cooler months ahead.

Go Bold and Bright

For so many of us, the winter season is one that often has dark, gloomy weather and a general dreary feeling. Combat this seasonal fatigue with a pair of playful, bright prescription eyeglasses! Adding a playful pop of color or a bold pair of patterned eyeglasses to your everyday wear is a great way to bring back the warmth and happiness of summer in a way that won’t overwhelm your outfit.

We’d recommend looking for a pair of frames in a silhouette that is flattering to your unique face shape, such as opting for a pair of rounded eyeglasses if you have a square-shaped face or a pair of square glasses for a more rounded or heart-shaped face. Then, pick your favorite color or pattern for a beautifully bright and bold appearance that is unique to you and ultra-flattering to wear day in and day out. Feel free to ditch the worry about these frames perfectly aligning with your entire outfit - a touch of mismatched style adds a playful, streetwear-inspired aesthetic that is super on-trend for the winter season and beyond.

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Don’t Skip the Sun Protection

While thinking about sun protection may have us dreaming of the warm, dreamy days of summer, the truth of the matter is that your eyes need sun protection all year round. While it may be most noticeable in warmer weather, your eyes are still at risk of damage and fatigue from the sun during the winter months, especially if you live somewhere with snow and ice, where the sunlight will reflect at you throughout the day.

Keep your eyes protected from all angles with a great pair of designer prescription sunglasses for the winter season. We’d recommend looking for a pair with a timeless shape and silhouette, such as ultra-flattering square sunglasses or simple rounded sunglasses. You can also pick a pair of prescription eyeglass frames and upgrade your lenses to transition lenses, which will, seemingly magically, change into sunglasses when exposed to sunlight. There is also the ability to pick prescription polarized lenses when choosing a pair of designer prescription eyeglasses, allowing you the option to create a unique, custom pair of sunglasses in your favorite frame style and color.

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Keep it Simple and Elegant

One of the best parts about the winter season is the influx of seasonal holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Hanukkah to New Year’s, there are so many amazing opportunities to celebrate with friends and family alike during this season. And with these celebrations often come many, many parties and even more opportunities to get out and socialize.

Since so many of us spend time hopping from event to event, celebration to celebration, and everything in between, it’s great to have a simple yet elevated option when it comes to our everyday eyewear.

Try looking for a pair with a minimalist design in a silhouette that flatters your unique face shape. That way, you know that your designer prescription eyeglasses will match anything you wear and give you the feeling of confidence that you need to carry you anywhere this season and beyond.

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Make Things Icy Cool

If you’re inspired by the streetwear aesthetic, this option is for you. One style that we’re seeing jump miles into the sky in popularity is the clear frame. These ice-inspired frames are made with the same high-quality acetate that you know and love, but without the expected opacity that you see in most frames. Rather, they are either crystal clear or colored with a mostly clear composition!

Thinking about trying out this streetwear trend for yourself? Look for a pair of clear frames in a simple silhouette, such as a bold square frame or a playful classic cat-eye frame for the most wearable option.

If you’re looking for something that will match anything, a true clear pair of glasses is likely your best choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make more of a statement with your eyewear, try looking for a pair of colored clear frames.

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When thinking about changing your wardrobe for the winter months ahead, it’s important to not forget one crucial element - your prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses! These everyday accessories are a great way to give your look a quick streetwear-inspired refresh for the winter season ahead.

Try swapping out your current pair or pairs for a bold and bright option or a simple and elegant pair for an easy update. And don’t forget to keep up with your eye protection along the way!

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