Timeless Glasses: Styles That Stand the Test of Time

When thinking about your next purchase of stylish prescription eyeglasses, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and fashion-forward designs. But while these glasses may be in style for the moment, trends tend to shift and change over time, which can leave you in the unfortunate spot of having a pair of pricey prescription eyeglasses that are no longer in style.

So how do you navigate the world of trendy eyeglasses without the worry of them going out of style in a month? Are there any prescription eyeglass styles that will stand the test of time? The answer is a resounding yes. There are several timeless prescription eyeglass styles that you can choose from to stay in fashion and on-trend for many, many years to come.

Are you ready to dive deeper into our favorite timeless glasses styles? Keep reading to discover some of our favorite silhouettes and find the perfect pair of designer frames to add to your prescription eyewear collection.

The Retro Round Eyeglasses

We’ll kick things off with one of our favorite timeless eyeglass styles - the retro round. First conceived with the invention of prescription eyeglasses in the early 1900s, the round frame has been a favorite style around the world for over 100 years.

These frames can range in size from small to oversized with a variety of frame colors, patterns, and thicknesses, depending on the decade, of course. Round frame prescription glasses are particularly flattering on those with rectangular or square face shapes, as the rounded silhouette complements the angular lines found within the face.

If you’re interested in finding a timeless rounded style to add to your prescription eyeglasses lineup, we’d recommend looking for a pair that is neither minimalist nor oversized. A medium-sized option is immune to the ebb and flow of trends and super flattering on a variety of face shapes. You can always change things up by choosing a fun color or pattern for your rounded frames, too. 

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The Feminine Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

Another favorite among those who appreciate vintage-inspired styles is the cool cat-eye silhouette. These timeless prescription eyeglasses are beloved by women who love something a little more creative and playful than a standard pair of square or rectangular frames.

Cat-eye frames combine a rounded shape with a tapered, angular edge for a flattering and eye-catching appearance. This shape is ultra-flattering on all different face shapes due to the unique combination of rounded and angular lines.

For those interested in a pair of timeless cat-eye glasses, we’d recommend looking for an option with a classic shape. You can also change things up with a more modern interpretation, such as a pair of oval cat-eye glasses or a pair that combines a bold square shape with the feminine cat-eye silhouette. With cat-eye frames, you can have fun with the colors and patterns, as they are already a statement-making design.

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The Bold Square Eyeglasses

Unisex and flattering on all face shapes, a pair of timeless square eyeglasses is a great option to consider adding to your prescription eyewear lineup. This style combines the bold lines of a classic square with subtly rounded edges for an appearance that commands the room and speaks to your confidence and authority.

While square frames look great on all face shapes, they are particularly flattering on those with rounded or oval silhouettes, as the angular lines complement the rounded lines of the face.

For the perfect square eyeglasses, look for a pair with a simple shape and minimalist detailing. Another aspect to consider is the size of the frames - to keep things modern and effortlessly on trend, try looking for a pair of slightly oversized square frames. You can play around with the color and pattern, but simple hues and classic designs are often considered to be the most timeless.

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The Flattering Rectangular Eyeglasses

A final timeless eyeglass style to consider is the ultra-flattering rectangular silhouette. An extended play on the bold square design, rectangular eyeglasses offer more visual support and stylish angular features that are perfect for both personal and professional occasions. This silhouette is particularly flattering on rounded face shapes, as it adds contrasting straight lines and length to the face that balance out the softer features.

For a truly timeless pair of rectangular prescription eyeglasses, try seeking out a pair with a simple silhouette that isn’t too chunky in terms of frame style. Oversized rectangular glasses are always on trend and super flattering on all face shapes. As with the other styles we mentioned, a rectangular frame allows you to have fun with the pattern and color of your frames, given its timeless shape and appeal.

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When searching for your next go-to pair of designer prescription eyeglasses, we always tend to stop to consider what’s currently on trend. But while it’s easy to get caught up in the latest styles, it’s important to consider more timeless options if you want to be able to keep wearing them for the long term. Indeed, the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses is more than a simple accessory it’s an investment in your vision, your future, and your self-confidence.

Try looking for a pair of stylish rounded eyeglasses, cool cat-eye glasses, statement square glasses, and bold rectangular glasses to stay on-trend for many years to come. And when in doubt, always pick an option that you love and reflects your sense of personal style!

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