Merry & Bright: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season in Festive Holiday Styles

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year. From the beautiful lights to the festive parties to the warmth and happiness all around us, there are so many things to celebrate and give thanks for this season. When getting ready for the endless holiday parties and events during the season ahead, it’s always so much fun to put together the perfect outfit to get into the true spirit of the season.

But one thing that is so often forgotten when throwing together the perfect themed holiday outfit is our everyday eyeglasses! So easy to forget in the flurry of the festive season, our go-to designer prescription eyeglasses can certainly take an outfit up a notch on the festive scale. From seasonal colors and playful patterns to whimsical frame shapes and low bridge nose shapes, there are so many fun options to choose from.

Ready to take your eyewear up a level and get festive? Keep reading to discover some of our favorite options to complement your favorite seasonal outfit and have you feeling merry and seeing brightly.

The Vibrantly Gorgeous Green Glasses

Inspired by the beauty of holiday trees, wreaths, and garlands, eye-catching green designer eyeglasses frames are the perfect seasonal addition to any outfit. Complementary on a wide variety of skin tones, green glass frames are a great coordinating choice to add to an all-green getup, a colorful complement to reds and purples, or the perfect pop of brightness in wearing a neutral look.

Shop Our Favorite Gorgeous Green Glasses Styles:

The Vintage-Inspired Round Glasses

For so many of us, the holiday season brings about memories of happy times long past, whether it’s the joy experienced during childhood and eagerly awaiting your most coveted gifts or if it’s the fun and excitement of watching your favorite old-school holiday movies. No matter what brings you happiness this season, you can add a further playful vibe to your holiday outfit with the addition of beautiful round eyeglasses frames, from red round glasses to blue and everything in between.

Shop Our Favorite Vintage-Inspired Round Glasses Styles:

The Strikingly Beautiful Blue Glasses

Another seasonal favorite that’s a perfect nod to the upcoming holidays, the color blue is a fantastic selection to get into the festive spirit. A hue that inspires feelings of grace and beauty, blue is an ultra-flattering choice that works well when paired with a variety of other colors. Additionally, blue glasses can be easily worked into dressed-up and dressed-down outfits, with a universally clean-cut yet vibrant appearance.

Shop Our Favorite Beautiful Blue Glasses Styles:

The Bright Statement-Making Red Glasses

A full list of holiday eyeglasses styles is never complete without the addition of iconic red frames. Another favorite color of the season, any shade of red is perfect for inspiring feelings of vibrancy, wonder, and delight. Whether you prefer deep Bordeaux red designer cat eye frames or cool low bridge-fit glasses in a bright red hue, this color is the perfect way to add a truly festive look and feel to your holiday outfits.

Shop Our Favorite Statement-Making Red Glasses Styles:

The Perfect Playful Purple Glasses

For those who love holiday colors but are looking for something a little more elevated, a beautiful purple frame is the perfect option to add to your seasonal lineup. A hue often associated with luxury and royalty, purple is a great selection to make a holiday outfit look more formal and put together without any extra effort. With purple eyeglasses, it’s easy to accidentally have clashing colors, so always make sure to take one last look at your outfit before dashing out the door.

Shop Our Favorite Playful Purple Glasses Styles:


Remember, when planning for your holiday outfits this season, never forget to take a second look at your prescription eyeglasses. You can easily take your look up a festive notch or two with the perfect pair of designer frames, from statement-making red frames to cute vintage-inspired round frames.

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